Why I use personality assessments

The tools that I use help build authentic, positive, and respectful relationships

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Understanding ourselves and others is hard work, but it’s also important work ✎ Written by Wayne K. Spear

Not everyone loves personality assessments. I get it.

THOSE OF YOU who know me know that I like to use personality assessments.

Now, I’m well aware of the negative feelings some people have when they hear the phrase “personality assessments.” I understand.

The history of psychology is filled with horror stories.


3 reasons you should watch this space, and 1 reason you shouldn’t

Not interested in success as a blogger, entrepreneur, or human being? You’re right: this website is definitely not for you.


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✎ Written by Wayne K. Spear

AS I TYPE THESE WORDS, it’s -30 degrees celsius outside.

It’s hard to be motivated on the cold, grey days we get so often in the North. But as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the sunny weather will arrive.

Life is like that. There are good days and bad. I don’t care much for the Winter, but hibernation isn’t an option for me. (Yet!)

So I do what needs to be done, always remembering that Summer is on the horizon.