Wayne K. Spear, speaking at the Assembly of First Nations AGA, Halifax, July 15, 2014

Some of Our Tools

The Five Questions | a strategic planning & change management tool
– identify, and build on, your organization’s strengths
– identify opportunities for positive change
– prioritize your goals and promote consensus
– develop a strategy and have solutions to possible barriers
– get your staff on-board

StrengthsFinder | a talent discovery & development tool
– learn your individual and organization strengths and how to use them
– improve communication and reduce conflict
– become more effective at delegating and collaboration
– identify gaps in your organization and have a strategy to fill them

DiSC | a workplace behaviour tool
– understand your workplace priorities and the priorities of your staff
– reduce miscommunication and conflict
– improve staff / workplace wellbeing
– understand and appreciate the four types of workplace behaviour<

WorkPlace Big Five | an organizational development tool
– have a neutral and effective language to identify and describe the individual traits that determine human behaviour
– compile an inventory of your staff capacities—what tasks are draining, natural, or energizing
– recruit more effectively, and build better teams
– be more mindful of the strengths and value of your employees

We Use Our Many Tools For

• Workshop Facilitation
• Organization and Governance Review
• Team and Leadership Development
• Strategic Planning
• Hiring
• Executive Coaching

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